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I applied for a position for a customer service representative job.The company is DFS Group.

Had an interview that lasted for more than 2 hours. He asked a series of questions had me to visit the website at The Recruiter asked me if I had a bank to get Direct Deposit. I mentioned my bank is joint and don't need to used a joint account.

After he did not my account number he disconnected from the chat, which was with hangout.

The first person that text me how I will be talking to her name and phone# 971 319 3462 Mary Graham and the recruiter's name is Drew Depalma his email address need to I can forward to you the whole conversation

Review about: Ziprecruiter Customer Service Representative Recruitment.

Reason of review: Bad Recruiter.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Fact of spending all that time on a fraudulent interview, Misleading promises.


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I got a message from a Mary and she set up an interview with Mr.Drew Depalma, I got suspicious because his interview questions and timeline didn't make sense.

I blocked and disconnected from "Hangouts" So disappointing, we are looking for a job and these people are trying to scam us.

So upset people do this.Please beware!!


Whoever this person is they are targeting military women in the administrative career field via their linkedin profiles please change your settings. I am working with Linkedin to get those profiles removed I suggest anyone who has been contacted by these people file a FTC report and a safety report with google and linkedin.


Mary Graham just texted me too from DFS Group although there are no locations in the Portland, OR area


The same thing happened to me.I was contacted by Mary Graham.

I wasnt extremely suspicious until I received a check from a Victoria Mildred from Ohio when I opened it the check was from a company in Texas did not have anything to do with DFS group. I found the real Drew Depalma and I am waiting to hear back from him.

I messaged the fake and asked who Victoria Mildred was but I never received a response.I am reporting the incident to the FTC so they can look into the situation.


Did they send over payments for you to purchase your materials? And ask for an ID and Passport?

to Anonymous #1416577

They did send me a payment I never deposited the check I knew it was a way to get access to my account. He did not ask for ID numbers because after I received the check I was extremely suspicious of the entire thing.

to Anonymous #1428813

Chances are that the checks are forgeries/not real. The bank's contact info is on every 9legitimate) check, you may want to call the bank that the check is drawn on to verify that it is legit. If it's not, or if you cannot easily find and contact the bank that it's drawn on (which also means it's likely fraudulent), then contact the FTC and your state's attorney general.


I just had the same thing happen to me and told me I’d start right away.After reading this I told him I wasn’t interested.

I looked up Drew Depalma and he is an engineer.Not what the person stated.

to Anonymous #1416363

The same thing happened to me.He sent me a check from a company in Texas but it was mailed from a fake printing company in Ohio.

I reached out to the real Drew Depalma and I am waiting to hear back from him.You should file a complaint with the FTC so they can look into it and get those people shut down.

to Anonymous #1419059

Did you hear anything back from the FTC

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